Four D' Mega Night

September 21

Four D' Mega  Night. Is an event open to the public to enjoy a  great night of fun as couples or as singles. A  night of Dinner, Dance, Drinks Date and a great experience to hear a relationship expert speak. A night to see a live belly dancer perform. Dance to our DJ and enjoy the exquisite meal catered by Chunky Kitchen Catering.


For tickets online, visit Ticket Rocket Victoria or purchase in person at Victoria Edelweiss or LylesPlace.



Victoria Edelweiss Club

Four D' Mega Night Menu


Green salad; Fresh mixed green, cucumber, grape tomatoes, mixed bell pepper with the option of any of the following dressings. Basil vinaigrette, straw berry vinaigrette and lemon aioli


Jollof rice; African sauté tomato vegetable rice

Braised potato; Slow cooked caramelized broth

Vegetable Medley; orange glaze carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, mixed bell pepper


Pan fried quinoa; Hot sauté quinoa tossed in assorted mixed vegetable

Pork Roulade; Stuffed pork tenderloin with creamy cheese jalapeno, spinach, onion, bell pepper

Pan fried Salmon; Marinated in Lemon and white wine concentrate and topped with chunky spicy

Lamb Braais; Slow roasted Lamb tenderloin cooked to perfection

Chicken steak Diane; Chicken breast cooked in its creamy spicy marinate


Mole sauce; Mexican traditional sauce which infuses tomatoes and chocolate together

Demi-Glace; Reduction of veal stock, beef stock and red wine sauce

Apple Lemon; Savory, lemony sweet and sour harmonized sauce

Rosa Sauce; Tomato creamy base parm sauce


Ganache fruit custard; Chocolate glaze topped with crème anglaise and fresh fruit

Tiramisu; Coffee, ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, marsala wine

Crème Brule; Creamy custard with a shiny crispy caramelized topping

Sticky Pudding; Hot baked dates chocolate sticky cake

Profiterole; Choux pastry ball filled with thicken creme anglais


There will be alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage at the cash bar. One complementary drink will be giving with dinner. Coffee and tea will be available.

Please drink responsibly